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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  October 17, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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now at 10:00, onto the next one. >> it's good to be 5-1 i mean i think we're at a decent place. >> we've got to get cincinnati with a win. >> vintage tom brady shows up. tonight the patriots get atop their division. plus: >> a convicted child rapist back behind bars and scheduled to face a judge on monday. tonight what he was doing at this quincy library. >> reporter: and bailed out. we're talking about the worst snow the in history of boston. >> trarnce were delayed commuters had to fend for themselves but tonight almost a million dollars in fines forgiven. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00.
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watch as smoke spilled out of a burning building. cell phone video captured a moment the man inside got out. hello everybody i'm kerry kavanaugh. the restaurant and shops at the ground level are destroyed. fox 25's jacqui heinrich joins us now live from the scene and jacqui, you found out where the fire started? >> reporter: that's right, a person told me that fire started in the bathroom of the art gallery behind me. you can see the windows ha heavily damaged by smoke and water and also the fire inside. the alarms are going off a high pitched ringing as the art gallery fills with smoke and fire. but a man sitting on his computer one floor up doesn't hear a thinchg people in the street can see him in the window oblivious to the fire growing larger
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>> i started throwing stones at the window trying to get his attention and everyone was actually yelling at that point to get out because the smoke just got it was increasing. >> reporter: ashley says it was a few minutes before boston fire arrived but people on scene were able to alert the man seen running out of the building, smoke billowing from the entrance. just as another bystander is about to go in and get him. >> no, he had no idea. >> reporter: thankfully nobody hurt but plenty of property told fox 25 the blaze started in the bathroom of no known truth art gallery and spread to the units above. servers were able to shut off the gas to the building as the fire grew. >> they turned off the gas thank god because there would have been a huge explosion. >> reporter: even though it could ended worse chaos in the busy streets center right back to memories from
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it drummed up a lot of people for a lot of -- memories for a lot of people. the firefight did cause a lot of the damage here. there's a leather roof on building that people tell me that's partially destroyed. the electrical room is completely flooded. from all that water being sent in to put that fire out. of course there's a lot of smoke damage to the units above the first and second floor. right now the financial cost standing at around $1 million. now live in boston, jacqui all new at 10:00 a man stabbed to death in worster and tonight police searching for his killer. they were called to harding street. they found the man lying in the street with several stab wounds. he was taken to the hospital where he died. police identified the victim as 23-year-old julian springfield as of right now no arrests have been made. taking a live look outside right now at boston's zakim bridge a mild night tonight and a warmup
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brewer joins us with the first look at monday morning, hey, jason. >> part of the reason we were so mild we did manage to get to around 70? today now some clouds coming over the top of us and that is making for a bit of a blanket overhead. so not a bad deal out there right now. we're seeing those showers standing off to our north. primarily going to stay there. this is the front that i've been talking about over the past few days. look at the rain falling apart back here over upstate new york. you see those green. just doesn't look too impressive here. i'm seeing a few showers they may clip portsmouth. other than that not much rain in the near future. lower 60s in boston right now. look at these wind gusts they're tapering down inland but at the cape we're still at about 25 miles per hour. so our boston planner we stay in the low 60s right where we are overnight. the clouds blanket overhead. slight chance of a shower while we're sleeping. i think the morning drive looks pretty good right now.
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tell you about when we could be challenging some records coming up. >> a 77-year-old man was killed in this crash that injured three others. it happened this afternoon en route 18 two. motorcycles crashed into a car. police here are investigating what caused the crash. >> this man richard gardner will be in court tomorrow. he was a arrested just days prison early. fox 25's crystal haynes dug through new documents to show he has been charged with crimes in two different states. >> reporter: convicted child rapist richard gardner back behind bars tonight and scheduled to face a judge on monday. the level three sex offender was arrested on a fugitive from justice warrant out of rhode island, and issued a summons to court for violation of a quincy sex offender ordinance on saturday. weymouth mom amanda hill plans to be in the courtroom in massachusetts and in
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released in the first place. so i think the community can sleep a little bit better knowing that he's not on the streets. >> reporter: hill and her neighbors started a petition to have gardner removed from the neighborhood. when he moved into his mother's house down the street after his release from prison earlier this month. gardner was ordered in 1989, to serve 190 years in prison for kidnapping and sexually abusing children but won a shorter sentence on appeal. >> i feel like this is the only option. >> reporter: we obtained the quincy police report investigators say gardner was seen at the thomas clean library without the written permission required for registered sex offenderers. >> that librarian told police when she walked by gardner on the computer she thought she saw him looking at an image with a child with no shirtoff but she noticed the screen was on his e-mail. back in weymouth hill is now working with lawmakers on stuffer legislation around sex offender prison sentences and parole after
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error in not exercising their right to have gardner civilly committed and stay in custody. >> hopefully this never happens again this is a wake-up call to just be stricter on repeat fuel and offender. we have tyke you back to the winter of 2015, remember, how could we forget. record-breaking amount of snow fell. thousands of commuters were left stranded cancelled trains. >> tonight the company that was supposed to be charged for the delays is getting a huge break. fox 25 jim morelli spoke with city leaders today. jim, they were surprisingly on wave with waiving the fines? >> reporter: doing the story forced metro look through the brutality and the brutality of that winter is exactly the reason why the governor and mayor of boston say waiving those fines was
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>> reporter: it was a winter that went down in the reported books and brought the commuter rail system to its knees. >> we're talking about the worst snow in the history of boston. >> reporter: trains cancelled, passengers stranded and for the company running the system hefty fines from the mbta. but it turns out not as hefty as we thought. the t confirmed today that it did forgive a portion of the fines it imposed keolis for its epic fail during the winter of twenchl. under a clause which allows circumstances. but in a statement to fox 25, the t says the relief was limited to penalties not related to on time performance in both february and march, keolis was penalized the full amount for on time performance allowed by the contract. still according to the boston globe the t waived half the fines it imposed to the tune of $839,000. they will be making decisions. >> reporter: governor
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forgiven pail in comparison to the fines the -- pale in comparison to the fines they did pay. >> keolis paid $6.6 million in 2015, they paid about $6.2 million ontime performance fines in 2016. >> reporter: peggy sullivan takes the commuter train in from norwood. like many commuters she went through a lot during the winter of 2015. >> i remember not knowing whether it was coming or not. i had to go to work and i wasn't sure if i would g doesn't blame keolis. >> no, no, no, i'm not blaming the company, really. no. it was just the bad luck of that winter. >> reporter: and keep in mind just how bad that winter was. there was more than 110 inches of snow and about 86% of it fell within one four week period between january 22nd and towards the end of february and overwhelming amount of snow and obviously this commuter rail system was indeed overwhelmed.
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fox 25 news. show support for boston police tonight after a rough couple of days. the prudential center tweeted it's shining in blue in recognition of the department. a massive plan for those officers tomorrow night in east boston. the police commissioner telling us officers matthew moris and richardson are both recovering they're in critical condition but stable. the pair has received an outpouring of support, including from the new england patriots. coach bill the team got ready for today's game. >> on behalf of the team we just want to send express our appreciation and support for the boston police department. >> and following today's game, boston police tweeted after hearing coach belichick's supportive words for our injured officers it was great to see the patriots beat the bengals.
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takes it in touchdown patriots. >> it took a little while to get going but tom brady and the patriots take up where -- win number five today. first game at gillette his his suspension he didn't miss a beat. >> he looked fantastic again today. never bad. moving up in the record books with this performance. because he's obviously one of the all-time greats and he's moving on up. here's now the third winningist quarterback only brett favre and peyton manning have won more games. he's now at 196. five more wins and he will be atop that list. today's game a story of adjustments. the patriots overcame an offense that was a little slug initiate the first half but they did come back and they beat cincinnati. brady kicked things into gear right before halftime after the warm welcome they
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for 6. 10-7 at halftime. bengals took a 14-10 lead. 14-12 at this point. brady connects with rob gronchkowski. -- gronkowski. into the endzone a couple times. brady up and over 300 yards through the air. patriots pile it on in the end beating the bengals 35-17 to improve to 5-1. we always get great crowds. they were into it today. i was glad we could do a lot better in the second half and finish the game strong. >> from here the page will turn to a match of next week with pittsburgh the steelers lost today to dolphins in miami so the pats are the top team. pittsburgh right there at 4-2 and it's in pittsburgh. big week a fun week ahead for the pats.
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11:30. switching gears, two children shot in two weeks. >> tonight mayor marty walsh calling out a 2-year-old victim's father. >> that question goes to his character and judgment. >> still ahead a new description of the shooter police are now looking for. >> then a new rule dentists have to follow before prescribing powerful drugs. but up next round three hillary clinton and donald trump taking different approaches as they prepare
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit >> donald trump is blaming hillary clinton supporters for the firebombing of a g.o.p. headquarters in north carolina. officials say someone threw a bottle of flammable liquid into the party's office in hillsborough either last night or early this morning. and the message that compares republicans with the nazis was spray painted nearby building. meanwhile on the campaign trail trump is already calling the election rigged while clinton is happy to
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the republican ticket can't catch a break with the final debate three days away. >> reporter: trump kicked off sunday sweeting this morning polls close but can you believe i lost large number of women voters based on made up events that never happened? media rigging elections. the latest abc news "washington post" poll shows in a four-way race clinton leads 47ers for 43%. jill stein at 2%. but the "wall street journal" nbc poll has clinton up 11 points, 37% with johnson and stein at two. trump's denials last week that he ever forced himself on women in the aftermath of a video in which he described doing that included appearance to demean some of his accusers as unworthy. >> believe me, she would not be my first choice, that i can tell you. >> reporter: trump this morning attacked "saturday night live" on twitter. >> what about all the women
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live" hit job me. time to retire the boring and unboring show. alec baldwin portrayal stinks media rigging elections. mike pence -- enembraced the bias. >> once again the medical is why piling on with unsubstantiated claims while they ignore an avalanche of hard evidence about corruption, pay to play, political favortism, emanating outside concentrate. >> reporter: but house speaker paul ryan said he will defend trump or campaign with him he is confident the election will be fair and is not rigged. several former bush, mccain and romney campaign officials have made similar statements so, did pence. >> you once of the great, great traditions of america is the peaceful transfer of power. the stakes are so high in this election but as donald trump said in that first debate, i'll say to you again today we're going to accept the will of the american people.
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drug testing because clinton seemed pumped up at the last one pence today sidestepped. >> all i know for sure is donald trump will be ready for the debate on wednesday night and the american people are going to see someone who is prepared to lead this country. >> that was carl cameron reporting. fox 25's blair miller will be at the final presidential drbt debated. you can watch the entire debate saturdaying at 9:00 followed by a special at 10:00. the search continues for a person who shot a 2-year-old in roxbury. the girl was sitting in her car seat when a bullet went through her hand and leg saturday afternoon. investigators say the suspect who has a beard was driving a gray, black scooter when he opened fire. police say her father who was outside the car was the intended target. it's frustrating that his father is not cooperating
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>> a father thats ynd willing to step up i think that questions his character and judgment in life. so it's very disappointing. >> this latest shooting in roxbury comes only a week after a 9-year-old girl was hit in the back by a bullet. she remains in the hospital as police continue to look for her shooter. prescription rule to help crackdown on the opioid epidemic is now in effect. they must see what other have sold. the state spent $6 million to upgrade the site to make the more user friendly. for first time doctors can now see prescriptions filled out of state. the governor's office says they melee off some state employees because of a multimillion dollar budget shortfall. state officials tell us the projected juniors 294 million deficit is partly the result of a shortfall and sales tax revenue. governor baker has blamed state lawmakers for overriding more than $200
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will begin offering voluntary buyouts for executive branch employees. but if employees don't take the buyouts the state says layoffs could begin. state transportation leaders will hold a meeting in east boston tomorrow night to prepare residents for the switch to electronic tolling in the tunnel. the change will be made a week from friday. mass dot will explain how the tolls work as well as construction plans. the meeting will be at east boston high school. entire towns under water. week after hurricane matthew wreaked havoc on north carolina. >> plus, an officer attacked. why she did not want to use her gun.
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an emotional reunion in
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islamic extremist group boko haram have been freed. this came after negotiations between the group and the nigerian government when 300 girls were kidnapped by boko haram in 2014. nearly 200 are still being held captive. and the nigerian government says they have begun negotiating their release. a chicago police officer is still in the hospital days after she suffered head and neck injuries in a brutal struggle with a man police say was high on p.c.p. >> he is charged with attempted murder. the police superintendent says the officer would have been justified in shooting him in this situation but she said she didn't use her begun because she didn't want the scrutiny other recent police-involved shootings have received. a major battle against isis now underway in iraq within the last three hours
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paramilitaries have begun a liberation of mosul. isis has held that key city for more than 200 years some one million people may still live there but aid groups are dropping leaflets. >> leaders from the u.s., russia and yemen met again today looking for way to bring peace to the war wary nation. a meeting saturday in switzerland ended without any breakthroughs. the discussion now shifts to london. kerry says a cease-fire needs to be established in yemen as soon as possible. we cannot emphasized -- emphasize enough today the urgency of ending the violence of yemen of providing for an opportunity for a political settlement which is the only way it will be ultimately resolved and of getting to that table as rapidly as possible. kerry and u.s. arab
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a u.s. navy destroyer was targeted in a failed missile attack this weekend. the pentagon confirms this is the third such incident near yemen in the past week. u.s. defense officials tell us their assessment of that teak is still ongoing but all signs again point to the iran-backed huity rebels. none of the u.s. vessels in the area were damaged. new video into the newsroom of two americans held in yemen getting back to safety. they special location to be reunited with the u.s. reports of that identify those americans. oman an american ally that also maintains close relations with iran has served as a mediator for past prisoner releases and diplomatic agreements. if you looked up in the zhi weekend this is what you may have seen really cool it's a supermoon. here now meteorologist jason brewer with why it looks so big, jason. >> well, the moon travels around the earth in an oval
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means the moon gets closer to the earth. when the full moon coincides with paragy it's a supermoon. we have three last spring. now we get to enjoy three more before the end of the year. you will wanted to take special note of the one next month it will be closer to earth than any this year. we won't see another one like it until january of 2018. straight ahead i'm tracking near record ehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... change your thinking about buying your next one. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job,
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or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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a man windsurfing off a seattle beach needed help to returning to dry land. the rough weather made it difficult for this man to get out of the water two. rescuers came in to his aid
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the northwest is getting hit by heavy storms right now. the storms have snapped trees and taken down power lines along the coast and even caused a tornado in a small oregon town. more storm-reeled deaths are reported in north carolina. 26 people have been killed in that state. north carolina's governor says most of those cases as a result of flooding. there are towns still under water, including about 75 miles east of raleigh. every road in that town now off limits as officials say most of the one evacuee says it was hard to explain to her daughter why she could not go to school this week. >> my little girl goes to princefield school. when i told her this morning that princeville school actually got flooded her reaction or her face totally broke my heart. but i couldn't break down in front of her. i stayed strong for her. >> there are three other towns still under water. hundreds of fema officials are on the ground in north carolina.
1:30 am
dub for assistance. u.n. peacekeepers are in haiti but they're clashing with residents they're supposed to be helping. roughly 100 people began hurling rocks when trucks carrying food aid arrived. haitian police officers and u.s. peacekeepers used tear gas. haiti recovering after the hurricane that was devastating more than a thousand people were killed in the storm. good evening. i want to start out with our instagram boston shot just recapping some of the past weekend for you. this was friday night there, they were getting some cool pictures on top of the ink boston complex there some lights in the hand very interesting. this from daniel miller out there at gillette today a nice win for the pats. here in the public garden fall leaves in full force. the yellow leaves against
1:31 am
looking great. i'm watching this front back here to our northwest. it will weakening as it moves closer. you can see the rain over northern new england and upstate new york. see the yellow colors really some pretty good rain over new york and now that is just not holding together. so we're getting trace amounts of rain. we got a little bit of that in essex county earlier this afternoon. now i'm just watching trace amounts of rain in parts of central north carolina. so temperatures are on the mild side. that have come in too. lower 60s right now and what a difference. this is a big turnaround that we're seeing. look at the 24 you hour temperature change here. we're running about 15 to 20 degrees warmer right now than we were yesterday at this time. look at the difference on the vineyard. it's 27? warmer right now compared to 24 hours ago. so as you wake up tomorrow morning, we're looking at upper 50s into lower 60s very mild for mid-october.
1:32 am
over parts of new hampshire maybe the bofas. tomorrow afternoon up into the lower 70s there in southern new hampshire, worcester county you are seeing lower and middle 70s for tomorrow afternoon. over toward boston i think up even the lower 70s here because we're going to have an offshore wind and that's going to warm the coast up as well as the interior. 74? in foxborough tomorrow and over 75? lynn you are middleboro, middle 70s over to taunton as well. you see barnstable there 65?. water out of the in the lower 60s with winds out of the southwest coming out of that water giving you slightly lower temperatures for the cape. on tuesday here comes the record challenging readings. the record in boston is 82. we'll have a chance to get close that same southwesterly wind flow will
1:33 am
so a warm breezy tuesday on tap feeling like spring it's going to be a little more humid with as well. then coming up on wednesday, it's a very mild start to the day in the 60s. this front remains to our north for most of the day. i'm going to watch into the sea coast of new hampshire. we may get behind this front and cool down a little bit on wednesday but the vast majority of us are going to stay on the warmer side on wednesday as well. then the changes start to happen on thursday. i hve for rain at 10% and 20% through the middle part of the week with temperatures way above normal. then on thursday, here comes our next low pressure system, and front. right now it looks like friday will be the focus for some soaking rain then when your weekend is always in view why will you see some cooler temperatures back to seasonable norms then into next weekend. back to you. >> first we see 80?. it's now safe to eat and harvest shellfish in rhode island but fishing is still
1:34 am
been lifted more than a week after officials found harmful algae. water tested this weekend showed it was good for fishing and eating once again. in massachusetts officials recalled shellfish harvested in parts of the cape afters dos of people who ate it got sick. they caused some changes where for the first time no raw oysters were served. >> fishermen on the east coast can still sell their lobsters to uranium. the european union is backing off a proposal to after dozens of american lobsters were found off the coast of sweden. the e.u. decided that the species doesn't need to be listed as invasive. fishermen also oppose the ban saying there was no scientific proov it could cause harm in other environments. live like a refugee. still ahead the exhibit display in boston giving people a personal perspective of the refugees crisis. first joe biden bill clinton. the vice president opens up
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rescued from the waters off cape cod is getting ready to go back to florida. the manatee has been recovering at the mystic asquare -- aquarium in connecticut since last m orlando before she's released back into the wild. and another animal rescue caught on tape. >> get, this crews rescued a rhino after he had a tire stuck in his snout. this happened at a factor in zimbabwe you can see the wild rhino in distress. a team of veterinarians came to the animal's aid alerting park rangers who were able to safely remove that tire. it's unclear how long the
1:45 am
but now he's free to eat and drink. good news there. back here at home, many took advantage of this beautiful fall day by takinging the dogs for a walk near the water. the quincy animal shelter cause for paws was held today. it goes to saving dogs and finding new homes for them. >> they all are spade and neutered and vaccinated. some we just had a dog that we used to our medical because we were able to. so, you know, all of this money just goes to help us care for the animal. fox 25's heather hegedus was also there. hedge helped to emcee the event that included walk, run and dog costume contest. winnie the pooh has a new friend called penguin. to celebrate the publisher is releasing four new stories along with a new character.
1:46 am
inspired by a new picture and his son playing with a toy penguin book is set to be released at the end of this month. amazon has been unrolling new features like a drone but a new delivery option may be too convenient for comfort. amazon now exploring the eye dove inhome they would place items inside the home even when someone isn't. there they're working with a smart locks and garage door company to see how the system would actually work amazon says this option would help customers who are constantly missing deliveries or who have had packages stolen. bmw says you may not need a helmet to ride their new motorcycle. the bike is what the company says motorcycles would look and act like in the year 2040. it's self-balancing system it so won't tip over and is able to alert the rider of potentially critical situations. the head of design says since it can protect the
1:47 am
longer the focus of protection. it's now a federal prime to bring a galaxy note 7 onto an airplane. as of this weekend the f.a.a. is banning the desupplies people's pockets in checked and carry on luggage or as cargo. meanwhile the south korean government says it will investigate what's causing the smartphones to catch fire. samsung estimates it's lost more than $5 billion because of this battery problem. the u.s. department of inspection is considering changing who gets to bring a pet on the plane. they say for years people of relaxed rules surrounding service animals but that's about to change. >> definitely emotional support, can't live without her. >> reporter: 1.50-year-old sophie lives with patrick and his partner bob. >> reporter: at the urging of bob's therapist patrick and bob registered sophie as an emotional support animal or e.s.a.. >> reporter: as bob and patrick don't book her a ticket soon she may never get that seat. a u.s. department of transportation committee
1:48 am
whether sophie qualify as service animals. >> an emotional support animal is not a pet it's for someone that has a mental health disability. >> reporter: for the last decade they have previbed emotional support animals to patients who need system. >> and i've watched their anxiety go from a full-blown panic attack to a stable state. >> reporter: after a 16 page intake form the doctor offers those needing e.s.a.s a good book to proving their but websites -- credentials. but websites will grand their pet access to restaurants, shops and airplanes after a three minute screening process. >> they're not disruptive in their crates i don't see it a as problem. >> people of abuse stuff all the time. >> i think they're making it more difficult for legitimate service dogs. >> reporter: mary keys has m.s. for the last seven years her service dog yeager
1:49 am
alerted help if she falls. it took five months of doctors notes and tests and applications followed bay two year waiting list and two weeks of service dog school before mary could bring yeager home. the two fly together every year and mary says they can recognize service animals. >> they don't interact so i can tell that they're guilty kind of. >> reporter: although the committee did not reach a consensus the department of transportation says they're drafting new rules on those service animals and the end of the year. a look now at the mass pike. a baby born on the busy highway today. ahead all new at 11:00 how a help trooper helped delivered a healthy baby boy. >> he stopped darth vadder and this weekend got a deserved celebration.
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right now i'm tracking a
1:53 am
a quick sprinkle just a trace amount of rain but in nashua by about 11:20. so a bus stop forecast it will be mostly cloudy and on the mild side beginning the day in the upper 50s and lower 60s tomorrow i'm tracking record warmth straight ahead. it doesn't open any doors. >> how does it feel? it. >> feels great. >> a dream come true for a 7-year-old boy in florida. thanks to the make-a-wish foundation. family and friends attended the event to show their support and also cheer him on. they saved the city from evil by defeating darth vader in a battle. he also honored with a key to the city. brady has a life-threatening medical condition. well, it was a pinkout today at gillette stadium the patriots and the nfl recognizing breast cancer awareness. >> and a special treat for some breast cancer patients. patriots owner robert kraft
1:54 am
invite on thursday when they attended the team's second annual day of pampers. aside from being served breakfast breakfast and getting an cures the real highlight was meeting tom brady and gronk. october is breast cancer awareness month. well, they left that game happy campers. patriots are alone atop the afc east right now. actually atop the afc the only team with one loss through six weeks. there was no shock t not with tom brady coming back not with the crowd as energized as it was for the get-go. sure was nice to see the franchise taking the field for the first time since january. patriots had an answer all day. brady kicking it into gear right before the end of the first half. james white into the enzone. brady starting to wake up a little bit.
1:55 am
then here's where it all turned around. andy dalton dropped into the endzone. the flip the switch patriots get the ball on the free kick and brady goes to work. brady to gronk for six right here. first time they have hooked up for a touchdown this season. do not underestimate how much tom brady trusts james white. second t.d. of the game 25-14 at that point. brady said he liked everything about him except the fact he went to wisconsin. pats win it 35-17. better out there i think offensively with we can, too but it's good to be 5-1. i think we're at a deis not -- decent place. they made it challenging on us but we're trying to figure out what we're made of. and it's good to get going there in the second half. so the steelers are next week. we just got news reported by the pittsburgh post gazette.
1:56 am
minicius. he will be out for next sunday's game between the patriots and the steelers. the steelers lose today 30-15 but they also lose their quarterback to injury. a little shake-up at fenway park today as general manager is leaving the team to be the executive vice president and general manager of the arizona diamondbacks. he will get the chance to run his own team. he has been in boston for the last 11 seasons so club but a great opportunity. a four year deal for mike with the diamondbacks. ahead on the "sports wrap" we'll share some thoughts about that plus, butch weighs in on what he heard and saw in the patriots locker room this afternoon. we'll hop into some hoops as the regular season approaches. and our week 7 high school game day game of the week candidates are unveiled. we'll kick off the "sports
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harvey: who better to hear from, who do you want to hear more from than monica lune -- lewinsky. >> the camera guy was say do you think it's fair game to bring up bill's history. that's a good question. >> in other news, obama made cuban cigars legal. >> solange and beyonce have nu >> are the knowles the new jacksons? >> a compliment, we would be in great company. >> solange beat the crap out of jay-z. >> that was her biggest hit up until -- >> there is video of kim kardashian right after she was robbed. it would seem that one of the kardashian people shot the video. >> this investigation was launched by kim kardashian's attorney. >> if she knew it was a family member on her right, she is not going to push that.


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